Say You Love Me and I’ll End You

Nozomi is a young and beautiful yakuza member who uses his body in order to gather information and make negotiations. With the help of an aphrodisiac, he acts coy in order to make deals to his advantage. On the way home from ”serving” a client, he bumps into a childhood friend, Yuta, whom he’d left behind in his hometown. However, the effects of the aphrodisiac haven’t worn off yet. So, he tries to leave while desperately fighting his bodily urges. Meanwhile, Yuta misunderstands the situation and believes that Nozomi is drunk. He takes Nozomi home to take care of him, but ends up also taking care of the lower half of Nozomi’s body! This is a bittersweet love story between a beautiful yakuza member and his puppy-like young friend.

Title:Say You Love Me and I’ll End You
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Title:사랑한다고 말하면 XX다
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