Chiya’s Just an Unstable Guy

”Don’t hold back. You can come all you want.” For Chiya, who’s just an unstable guy, his younger boyfriend Kei is like a sedative. Even when things go badly, Kei pampers Chiya like no other and makes him feel better and ready to face another day. Aware that he’s a poor communicator and unusually shy, Chiya realizes one day that he has never honestly told Kei how he feels about him and starts to worry that the younger man might fall out of love with him and leave. Is he just a convenient partner for Kei? Chiya would simply die if that’s what Kei thought about him. ”Just you wait… because I love you, too…!” A super-sweet yaoi about a gentle, optimistic darling and a shy guy who can’t get over his awkwardness.

Title:Chiya’s Just an Unstable Guy
Author:Chiruko Furuya
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