Ghost Pink Killer

[Exorcism that involves … sex!? Dog-like younger top ¡ß Good-in-bed pretty bottom] Left an emotional wreck (and horny) after getting dumped by his girlfriend, college student Kazuki Asada develops an unfortunate symptom which attracts and lets ‘ghosts with sexual desires’ control his body. Just when he was about to jump on a stranger in the streets out of his will, he is saved by Haru Otokata; a somewhat shady yet gorgeous spirit medium. To prevent attracting the ghosts, Kazuki must release his sexual frustration periodically. However, that’s no easy task for a pure, soft, and freshly-dumped guy like him. The spirit medium offers his help and suggests regular exorcisms, but it’ll require one thing: the two must have sex together at least once a week.

Title:Ghost Pink Killer
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