It’s Time For Your Obedience Training, My Subservient Pet

He never wanted to know this kind of pleasure. He should be the one commanding his young staff member, not the other way around!
In a world where everyone has a second gender, former top host Kyoya runs his own host club now, specializing in providing a safe space for commanding hosts and their obedient clients. Everyone thinks Kyoya’s on the commanding side, but he actually takes medicine to suppress his subservient urges!
He’s managed to build his small empire without anyone finding out, until Sota, the new club staff member, commands him to kneel one day out of the blue. Kyoya’s humiliated as he can’t help but bend the knee.
Sota asks Kyoya to be his partner in exchange for pretending to accept Kyoya’s commands.
Sota suggests they keep each other’s secret true second genders to themselves and enter into a relationship where their roles are reversed inside and outside the club…

Title:It’s Time For Your Obedience Training, My Subservient Pet
Author:Memo Nijyo
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Title:Sub님, 훈육 시간입니다
Author:니죠 메모
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