I see you

[Super hot ghost X Agressively-horny bottom: The ultimate fantasy romcom!]
Hit by a truck immediately after getting rejected by his crush, Tomoya seems to be out of luck. What is worse, he develops a bizarre aftereffect from the accident that causes him to see supernatural beings everywhere. The out-of-this-world hottie he finds sleeping on his bed is also one of “them”; bound to Tomoya’s room for reasons unknown, the ghost has been trapped in the place without its owner realizing. The whole situation overwhelms Tomoya, but one thing sets this ghost apart from the rest: not only is he normal-looking, but he’s also stunning, mature, and SUPER Tomoya’s type. Though Tomoya’s confession (and impulsive attempt to have sex with him) quickly ends in an angry rejection, things start to get wild when they realize that the two must now live together until the ghost can leave the room…

Title:I see you
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